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Another Interview

This time it's with Rob Snyder, Manhattan Borough Historian, for the Gotham Center. 

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The West is History




DEC 17, 2020 AT 12:33 PM


George Carlin, Barack Obama and Humphrey Bogart among notable New Yorkers

highlighted in book about Manhattan’s Upper West Side








Every neighborhood tells a story. In Greenwich Village, it’s one of artists, activists, and the avant-garde. On the Upper East Side, it’s about privilege, position, and power.

Sometimes neighborhoods change and tell new tales. But the old stories, the lore, remain.

Jim Mackin’s “Notable New Yorkers of Manhattan’s Upper West Side” collects nearly 600 of them. And they reveal an Upper West Side character that’s lasted for a century – intellectual, political, diverse.




Listen to Jim Mackin's interview on

CITYSCAPE with George Bodarky

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Notable New Yorkers of Manhattan’s Upper West Side

Jim Mackin, FCLC ’76, is a retired financial executive turned New York City historian. As the founder of WeekdayWalks, he often guides people on strolls through offbeat areas of the city. In this richly detailed, photo-filled book, he focuses on his own neighborhood, writing about nearly 600 notable former residents of the Upper West Side. He highlights the famous (Humphrey Bogart, Barack Obama, and others), but he also celebrates the uncommon lives of scientists, explorers, journalists, and judges whose stories should be better known. He calls attention to women whose feats have been unsung, such as pilot Elinor Smith and nuclear physicist Harriet Brooks, and writes about the “Old Community,” a tight-knit African American enclave that counted Marcus Garvey and Billie Holiday among its residents. —Ryan Stellabotte.


Local Author Launches Book About Famous

Upper West Siders: Book Signing This Month!


Mike Mishkin  December 2, 2020  Arts & EntertainmentEvents, I Love the Upper West Side link

A new book, Notable New Yorkers of Manhattan’s Upper West Side: Bloomingdale and Morningside Heights, has just hit bookstore shelves. Published by Fordham University Press, the book was authored by New York City historian Jim Mackin. Jim has spent the last three years researching and writing on this fascinating and comprehensive volume about notables who at one time or another lived in the Bloomingdale and Morningside Heights neighborhoods. Now, Mackin is ready to share it with the public.





Hundreds of Vignettes About Former ‘Notable’ Neighbors Collected in a New Book; Hear More at 5:30 Tuesday

Posted on February 16, 2021 at 11:34 am by Carol Tannenhauser


By Caitlin Hawke

At the age of 34, in her Lockheed Vega, Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic without stopping, a feat she accomplished twice in 1932, becoming the first person with this distinction. Her place in aviation history is well known. Not so for another young aviator from New York City, Elinor Smith, who was born 14 years after Earhart in 1911. At the age of 16, Smith became the youngest person to be licensed as a pilot by the U.S. government. On October 21, 1928, in a stunt born out of a dare, she took the East River by storm in a Waco 10 biplane, which she flew under all four of its bridges. 

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Noting the Notables of Yore in Bloomingdale and Morningside Heights

By Caitlin Hawke

You may have heard about "Notable New Yorkers of Manhattan’s Upper West Side," neighbor Jim Mackin's recent book in which he chronicles nearly 600 Bloomingdale and Morningside Heights residents of "note". However 800 other individuals didn't make it into the book, so Jim created a database which you can explore 

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