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464 pages, 8 x 9

105 black and white illustrations

9780823289295, Paperback, $34.95

Empire State Editions

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Nearly 600 captivating stores of notable former residents of Manhattan’s Upper West Side, some famous, some forgotten 


“Jim Mackin’s work will add an extra dimension to your enjoyment of this marvelous neighborhood. What fascinating people lived, wrought, wrote, schemed and sang behind those windows we pass every day!”—Gilbert Tauber,


“If you are in a hurry, don't take Jim Mackin on a walk through the Upper West Side. Every few steps he might stop and say, 'Let me tell you who lived here,' or, 'You'll never guess who worked there.' You see, Mackin has uncovered the homes of every notable figure who has ever resided in the neighborhood—and they are many. But if, like me, you find such revelations delightful and addictive, Mackin—or at least his book—will make a perfect companion. His work is an exhaustive and ofttimes surprising 'Who's Who' of Upper West Siders who have shaped the worlds of art, culture, politics, and science. After reading his book I thought, 'Harlem and Greenwich Village boosters take note! The Upper West Side deserves a seat at the table.’”—Michael Miscione, Manhattan Borough Historian, 2006–2019


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