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Note: In 1905, the Institute of Musical Art was founded, and in 1910 moved to 120 Claremont Avenue in Morningside Heights. In 1926, the Julliard School of Music was established upon merging with the Institute of Musical Art. Manhattan School of Music merged with the Julliard School of Music. In 1969, Julliard relocated into a new facility in Lincoln Center. In 1917, the Neighborhood Music School was established in East Harlem. In 1938, it changed its name to Manhattan School of Music, and in 1969, it relocated into the building vacated by Julliard.



G. Chris and Sung Eun Andersen Hall – G. “Chris” Andersen (1938 -  ) was the founder of G.C. Andersen Partners, and previously head of investment banking at Drexel Burnham Lambert.


Borden Auditorium – John C. Bordon (1900 – 1960) was chairman of the textile firm, Borden Mills, and a member of the board of directors of the Bank of Manhattan before it merged with the Chase Bank. His grandfather, Matthew Chaloner Durfee Borden was known as “King of Calico” and owned one of the nation’s largest cotton printing companies in Fall River, Massachusetts. The inventor and founder, Gail Borden, of Borden’s Condensed Milk was a distant cousin.


Gordon K. and Harriet Greenfield Hall – Gordon K. Greenfield (1915 - 2005) was president of many corporations including those that owned Pathe Films and Franklin Simon stores. He was a board member of the Manhattan School of Music for 29 years, and its chairman for 13 years. He was also a founder of the Harlem School of the Arts, and president of the Metropolitan Opera Club and president of the board of the Dakota Apartments.


Julliard School of Music – Augustus D. Julliard (1936 – 1919) was a businessman who started as a textile manufacturer, and then invested in a variety of businesses. He was President of the Metropolitan Opera for almost 30 years, and the foundation that he established in his name funded the creation of the Julliard School in 1924.


William R. and Irene D. Miller Recital Hall – William Robert “Bill” Miller was Vice-Chairman of Bristol-Myers Squibb pharmaceutical firm. In addition to serving on the board of directors at Manhattan School of Music for 12 years where he was given an honorary doctorate and made a director emeritus, he was on many other boards, including the Metropolitan Opera Association.


Neidorff-Karpati Hall, formerly the John C. Borden Auditorium – Naomi Karpati Neidorff (1948 - ) is arts patron who was born in Hungary, arrived in the United States as a youngster, and studied piano at the Manhattan School of Music. As she and her husband migrated to the St. Louis area, they gave years of leadership and financial support to many arts institutions, including the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. Her husband, Michael Neidorff (1943 -  ) was the head of the leading healthcare business, Centene Corporation.  


Mitzi Newhouse Theater – Mitzi Newhouse (1902 – 1989 was an executive at Vogue magazine, a leading figure in the women’s fashion industry, and a patron of the arts. Her husband was the newspaper and magazine publisher S. I. Newhouse, Sr. (1895 – 1979). She funded theaters in her name at the Manhattan School of Music and Lincoln Center.  

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