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Helen Goodhart Altschul Hall – Trustee Emeritus Helen Goodhart Altschul (1887 - 1985) graduated from Barnard in 1907 and served as a trustee from 1949 to 1986.


Barnard Hall, originally Students’ Hall – Frederick Augustus Porter Barnard (1809 – 1889) was the tenth president of Columbia who advocated for the right of women to have the same higher-educational opportunities as men.


Brinckerhoff Hall – Mary E. Brinckerhoff (ca.1831 – 1910) gave a $100,000 matching gift to fund the building in her name.


Brooks Hall – Episcopal Minister Arthur Brooks (1845 – 1895) was the pastor of the Church of the Incarnation on Madison Avenue at 36th Street. He was a trustee of Columbia, a trustee of Barnard, and the first chairman of Barnard’s trustees.


Diana Center – Diana Touliatou Vagelos (1934 -  ) graduated from Barnard in 1955 and was vice-chair of the Barnard Board of Trustees. She and her husband, P. Roy Vagelos, who graduated from Columbia’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, have donated the most funds to Columbia institutions.


Elliot Hall – Eleanor Thomas Elliott (1926 - 2006) graduated from Barnard in 1948, and was chair of the board of trustees at Barnard from 1973 to 1976. She led the effort to keep Barnard separate from Columbia.


Fiske Hall – Martha (Mrs. Josiah) Fiske gave $140,000 to fund the third wing of a building.


Helen Hartley Jenkins Geer Memorial Gate – Donated by Helen Hartley Jenkins (1860 – 1934) and presented to Barnard in 1921 in memory of her daughter Helen Hartley Jenkins Geer (1893 – 1920). She was a member of Barnard’s class of ’15 and a former president of the undergraduate association. The gateway was designed by the firm Polhemus & Coffin, and architect Lewis Augustus Coffin, Jr. was a cousin of Ms. Geer.


Hewitt Hall – Abram Hewitt (1822 – 1903) was an iron manufacturer who served in Congress and as Mayor of New York. He graduated from Columbia in 1842, was a trustee of Columbia and Barnard, which was a recipient of funds donated to create a residence hall in his name.


Adele Lehman Hall – Philanthropist Adele Lewisohn Lehman (1882 – 1965) donated the funds in 1957 for the hall that held the Wollman Library. She attended Barnard in its earliest years.


Millicent McIntosh Hall – Millicent Carey McIntosh (1898 – 2001) was Dean of Barnard from 1947 to 1962, and from 1952, its first President.


Milbank Hall – Elizabeth Milbank Anderson (1850 - 1921) anonymously donated a $100,000 matching gift to fund the building named in her family’s honor.

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