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Apthorpe’s Lane - Parts were renamed Jauncey Lane and Turin Lane. It came into being before the Revolutionary War and connected the Bloomingdale Road with the Eastern Post Road near today’s East 96th Street and Fifth Avenue. It went as far west as today’s West End Avenue and crossed the Bloomingdale Road between West 93rd and 94th Streets.


Asylum Lane – It ran from near 112th Street between Amsterdam Avenue and Broadway and went north into the Bloomingdale Insane Asylum near 116th Street. After the sale of the Bloomingdale Insane Asylum to Columbia in 1892, it was abandoned.


Bloomingdale Road – Built by 1708 from present day 23rd Street and Broadway to near 114th Street and Riverside Drive. In 1794, it was extended to near 147th Street at St. Nicholas Avenue. With the building of the Western Boulevard, renamed Broadway in 1899, from 59th Street to 118th Street, the Bloomingdale Road in the Bloomingdale-Morningside Heights neighborhood was abandoned. Over time, it was auctioned off.


Bloomingdale Square – Not a square, but a triangular piece of land between Broadway, West End Avenue, and 106th Street was renamed Straus Park in 1912.


Boulevard – This wide street replaced the Bloomingdale Road through Bloomingdale and Morningside Heights when it opened in 1868. For some time, it was referred to as the Western Boulevard and the Grand Boulevard. In 1899, it was named Broadway as a continuation of Broadway south of 59th Street.

West 110th Street – In 1891, this street from Seventh Avenue to Riverside Drive was renamed Cathedral Parkway.

Cherry Lane – This country lane ran from Bloomingdale Road to a few hundred feet west of present day West End Avenue between 101st and 102nd Streets.


Clendenning’s Lane – This country Lane ran from Bloomingdale Road between present day 102nd and 103rd Streets to just south of 105th Street almost to Central Park West.

Ninth Avenue – In 1890, Ninth Avenue north of 59th Street was renamed Columbus Avenue. That included a section that was renamed Morningside Avenue in 1904 from 116th Street north.


Depeyster’s Lane – This was a country road that ran from Bloomingdale Road near present day 111th Street and Riverside Drive to 113th Street to the Depeyster residence at 113th Street between Amsterdam Avenue and Morningside Drive. The angled walls on the west side of Broadway between 111th and 112th Streets reveal the path od Depeyster’s Lane.


Eighth Avenue – In 1883, Eighth Avenue from 59th to 110th Streets was renamed Central Park West.  


Eleventh Avenue -  In 1880, Eleventh north of 59th Street was renamed West End Avenue. North of 106th Street, it was first made part of the Boulevard, which was renamed Broadway in 1899.


La Salle Street – The original 125th Street became La Salle Street.  The section of La Salle Street from 125th Street to Amsterdam Avenue was eliminated in 1954 by urban renewal for the creation of the General Grant Houses.


Manhattan Street - In 1920, Manhattan Street from Morningside Avenue to the Hudson River was renamed West 125th Street. In 1984, the entire length of 125th Street was renamed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, but it is still generally called 125th Street.


Morningside Park East – This early designation of present day Morningside Avenue from 113th Street to 116th Street, was noted on some maps as Morningside Avenue East.


Morningside Park West – This early designation, noted on some maps as Morningside Avenue West and even Morningside Avenue, was changed to Morningside Drive.


Moylan Place – Originally part of West 126th Street, Moylan Place ran from Broadway to Amsterdam Avenue along the present West 125th Street. It was named for a hero, Private William A. Moylan, who was killed in World War I. In 1954, Moylan Place was eliminated in building the General Grant Houses.


Ninth Avenue – In 1868, it was decided not to extend Ninth Avenue north of 110th Street, but rather to create Morningside Park. In 1890, Ninth Avenue north of 59th Street was renamed Columbus Avenue


Riverside Avenue – This street was renamed Riverside Drive in 1909.


Schuyler Square – Not a square, but a triangular piece of land between Broadway, West End Avenue, and 106th Street. It was acquired by the city in 1895, and renamed Bloomingdale Square in 1907.


Tenth Avenue - In 1890, Tenth Avenue north of 59th Street was renamed Amsterdam Avenue.


Tiemann Place – Originally part of West 127th Street, Tiemann Place runs from Broadway to Riverside Drive and is named after Mayor Daniel Tiemann.


West 98th and West 99th Streets – These streets between Central Park West and Amsterdam Avenue were eliminated by urban renewal from 1955 for the creation of Manhattantow which was renamed Park West Village and fully-completed by 1961.


West 101st, West 102nd, and West 103rd Streets – These streets between Manhattan Avenue and Amsterdam Avenue were eradicated by urban renewal for the creation of the Douglass Houses which were completed in 1958.


West 117th Street – This street from Morningside Drive to Amsterdam Avenue was eradicated by urban renewal in 1964 to expand the eastern part of Columbia’s campus.


West 124th Street – This street ran from Broadway to Morningside Avenue.  In 1954, it was eliminated in building the General Grant Houses.


West 125th Street – In 1920, the section of West 125th Street west of Manhattan Street was renamed La Salle Street.




Special Note – See also the website of historian Gil Tauber with the Bloomingdale Neighborhood History Group.

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